Pim Stones is a singer, songwriter and producer hailing from north east Essex. During a break from training to become a helicopter pilot, Pim began writing songs that came to him in the form of words and colours, with no clear vision of whether something would come of them. He decided to test them out on a few friends, sending them Youtube links that spread to unexpected places like South Africa and Mexico despite his notably British sound. That response prompted Pim to focus, start again and create an EP of more finished music.

Writing stories of complicated friendships, religion, nature, sexuality, morality, mortality and adventures around the world - some real and some imagined - Pim’s sonic inspiration comes from film scores and the ability of artists like Hans Zimmer to conjure up new worlds. Pim’s Thai and British heritage and overly-curious nature at school lead to a lot of travel, exploration and solo adventures from an early age (he’s still only 21), which at times sound like movies themselves.

The debut EP “We Have It All” by Pim Stones will be released in Spring 2015. 

For management enquiries please contact: amelia@putmeonit.com